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on : Thursday, 5 Jul, 2012
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Carlos Williams Is Honored For 35 Years For Service!

Carlos Williams does a live interview during a recent WRBL’s six o’clock newscast with Anchor Phil Scoggins, Anchor Teresa Whitaker and Meteorologist Bob Jeswald.[gallery columns="2" orderby="rand"]

By I.M. Pulse Anyone and everyone that has ever met Mr. Carlos Williams knows he’s a laid back kind-of guy in person, but pure excitement when it comes to listening to him broadcasting sports events. He recently was honored by WRBL for 35 years of service. Wow, not that’s loyalty at its best. He was joined recently by family and friends in the WRBL Studios to support him during his 35th Anniversary at WRBL. Ms. Elaine Gillispie, Field Officer for Congressman Sanford Bishop presented Carlos with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson sent a Proclamation delivered by Columbus City Councilman Bruce Huff proclaiming Thursday, June 28th as Carlos Williams’ Day in Columbus. Carlos is a 1972 graduate of Moultrie Senior High School and 1976 graduate od Fort Valley State University. Fresh out of college, he was hired by Dick McMichael, then news director and anchorman, as a news photographer and film processor for WRBL in 1977. Carlos worked his way up to reporter and assignments editor and at one point, he was interim news director for WRBL. Carlos has received numerous advertising and community awards during his career at WRBL, including the prestigious Silver Medal Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Advertising Federation of Columbus. This is the group’s highest honor. Carlos currently serves as the station’s Creative Services Director, where he manages all station commercial video production. WRBL’s General Manager David Hart says, “Carlos is a definite asset to the operation of WRBL and his professionalism and dedication in unmatched.” He has also served as a radio sports announcer for the past 24 years for Davis Broadcasting. He produces a daily sports show and serves as the station’s commentator for high school and college football games. Carlos is big on family and says the his father Johnny Williams of Moultrie is his greatest role model, he also gives much love and thanks to his late mother Lucille Williams. Carlos is married to Cassandra Joyce Williams. They have three sons: Tyrone, Carl Jeremy and Timothy. He also wants to acknowledge his aunt, Ruth Glover for all her love and support. The Pulse Does Q & A • How did you get into the media arena? I landed a parttime job as a film processor in 1977 at WRBL • What are your hobbies? My hobbies include photography and spending time with family. • Who have been your favorite interviews? My favorite interviews were with Dougie Fresh and Coach Tubby Smith. • What advice can you give to young people who want to get into the media/sports media field? My advice to young people in to choose a mentor in the business and a good Journalism School. I got into sports because I had a great interest. I became knowledgeable about sports and then kind of applied my own brand and delivery. People say patience is my best virtue and I would lend that advice as well. • Who are you role models? MY DAD has always been a role model for me. Also W. Frank Wilson, who actually helped me get the job at WRBL has been a great influence. Over the years I’ve admired and emulated my friends Cliff Rutledge, Greg Davis, Calvin Smyre and Sanford Bishop. On the Sports side, Central Coach Bobby Wright and I have been friends for years. He and Coach Richard Mahone, fellow Fort Valley grads, kind of showed me the ropes when I first got to Columbus. Also Coach Wallace Davis has been a great friend. • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? And where do I see myself in 10-years…? Hopefully still enjoying broadcasting football games but doing little else except enjoying my friends and family.


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