Go With The Flo  

By Florence Anthony


The Launch of a Revolution is here! Shamiar Spann introduces The DTN Network

On June 26, 2020, TV Personality and Network Owner, Shamiar Spann kicks off her newest project The DTN Network internationally.  The industry vet will be introducing new unseen content.  The fresh approach to telling stories of creatives and artists will be the specialty of the network.  Ms. Spann has been in development mode with DTN for a number of years as she prepared for the right time to launch the network. Today is the right time; the voiceless, the unheard have finally found a home where they can be seen and celebrated.  

DTN seeks to empower the minds of those who belong to communities vilified and marginalized by society at large. Art is constructive, and for those not given the same rights as others, it is something to excel at and to embrace despite the structural injustice they must endure. Our shows are, most importantly, inclusive and seek to portray all cultures rather than just the mainstream. By way of reality TV, we seek to accurately, positively, and holistically depict a portrayal of American culture.