Pictured is Toshiro Jackson, nicknamed “The Tea Guy,” who shares his motives behind opening his own tea shop.

By Brandi Phillips, Staff Writer
Photos By Khyle Martin

      Columbus, GA--Diverse tea flavors. A laid-back atmosphere. And a cool guy who makes all types of tea. Toshiro Jackson, nicknamed “The Tea Guy,” took matters into his own hands and began his own tea shop called Te Amo Tea.
      A year ago, The Tea Guy started his entrepreneurial journey as a way to give people the perfect tea for tea lovers. Jackson explains, “I’ve been working on this concept since spring 2015 and I wanted to bring excellent quality tea for people at great prices. Most of my items are around the same price because I don’t want that to be a conflict of interest.”
     From loose leaf, pre-packaged, tea drinks and accessories, Jackson provides consumers with a variety of flavors, experiences and more. 

     Why is it called “Te Amo Tea?” He shares, “It’s kind of romantic. In Spanish, Te Amo Tea means “I love you,” which fits perfectly because I really love tea.” He describes his future endeavors is to change and remain positive. 
     If you’re looking for the perfect tea experience, follow The Tea Guy on Facebook and Instagram @loveteaamotea or visit locally on 1123 Suite B Broadway Columbus, GA 31901.

The Tea Guy