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on : Monday, 21 May, 2012
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Old School All Star Basketball Jamboree Packs The House

Columbus, GA -- Old School friends are Mr. Marc Upshaw, Mr. Mark Person, Mr. Sam Mitchell and Georgia State Representative Calvin Smyre.

Columbus, GA—Columbus High School’s gym was the center of attraction for the Old School All Star Basketball Jamboree on Sat., May 12, 2012 with the girls’ game at 3 p.m. and the boys’ game at 5 p.m. While the terminology of boys and girls was used, the players and cheerleaders have decades of life outside of high school arena. One cheerleader had been out of school for 50 years. The games were exciting and crowd pleasing. There was action that could rival any college or professional basketball game. The referees were in for a workout and although the event was called Old School, the players were full of action and energy. During the games’ half times, the cheerleaders entertained the fans. Seen in the crowd were a lot of famous faces including Mr. Sam Mitchell, U. S. Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Mr. Marc Upshaw, Mrs. Pino Davis, Georgia State Representative Calvin Smyre, Mrs. Carol Gertjegerdes, Ms. Linda Ryder… The man who called the games was Columbus’ TV personality D.J. Jones. There were tee shirts on the players and supporters; and the cheerleaders were dressed to impress with black and white pompoms to complement their outfits. All proceeds from the concession stand went to the fund-raising. At the concession stand, there were hot dogs, chili, nachos with cheese, soft drinks, water, candy—to keep the fans satisfied. For those who wanted information on diabetes, stroke, kidney disease or hypertension, St. Francis Hospital had a display and also measured guests’ blood pressure. The game was the idea of Mrs. Cynthia Hall who collaborated with Ms. Loretta Cobb to put on the game to benefit Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke and Kidney failure. The fun did not stop there; afterwards, an Old School All Star Dance was held at the After Five Sports Bar on Gentian Blvd. The dance was like the icing on the cake for the Old School All Star Basketball Jamboree and there will be future fun events. Photos by Carol Gertjegerdes and Linda Ryder.



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