Attention!!!! Attention!!!

Thank you for the nominations. They are coming in and we can see the community is excited about the nominations

for the First Annual Kolumbus Kidz Choice Awards from today until May 26, 2017, we will be taking nominations.

You can email them to  Nominations will be posted on our Facebook pages.  The ones that

​get the most likes and shares will be put on the Finalists List!  Starting June 1, 2017, OFFICIAL BALLOTS with the finalists

names will be printed in The Columbus Times Newspaper and The Pulse Magazine.  

Anyone can vote as many times as they would like to vote.  The winners will be announced at The 42nd Annual Summerfest International Festival!

Here is the list: 
Performer of the Year
Favorite restaurant
Favorite store
Favorite kids/ teens choirs and bands
Favorite dance school or team
Favorite teachers
Favorite schools
Favorite nonprofit or organization
Favorite coach
Favorite young entrepreneur
Favorite radio station
Favorite tv station
Favorite DJ
Most Talented kid/teen (send photo)
Best Baby Smile (send photo)
Most valuable intern (send photo)
High school Senior of the Year (send photo)
Artist of the Year!
Dancer of the Year! 
Mama's Best helper (send photo). 
"Special Needs" star of the year! 
Mother of the Year (send photo)

Father of the Year (send photo)
Favorite Grandparents (send photo)
Favorite mentor (send photo)
Favorite Event of the year
You don't have to be a kid to nominate!
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