ATLANTA (December 11, 2023) — Today, Sen. Sonya Halpern (D-Atlanta) announced her election to the University of Hartford Board of Regents. A proud alumna of the Barney School of Business, Sen. Halpern graduated with an MBA, having participated in the innovative international MBA program, which included studies in Paris, France, and interaction with students from 11 different countries.

“Education is a cornerstone of my public service, and I am honored to join the University of Hartford Board of Regents,” said Sen. Halpern. “I learned so much as a student at UHart; not just practical skills but also how to think critically and problem solve. What a full-circle moment to now contribute to the university’s legacy of learning, personal growth, and fostering the practical skills and readiness essential for our students to excel in their future careers – just as I was equipped to meet the challenges of my time!”

Sen. Sonya Halpern brings a multifaceted perspective to the University of Hartford Board of Regents, grounded in both her legislative experience and her extensive involvement in educational governance. As chair of a study committee of Georgia’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and having just completed a tour of the schools this fall, she gained firsthand knowledge of how these institutions prepare their students for the dynamic demands of the modern career landscape.

As an active member of the Senate Committee on Education and Youth, the former chair of the board of trustees for The Children’s School - an independent/private school serving students in Pre-K through 8th grade - as well as a former board member of the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool, Sen. Halpern has a demonstrated commitment to shaping educational policy and administration across various levels of levels.

Sen. Halpern has further broadened her educational insights through international and local explorations. Earlier this year, she traveled to Finland to study their renowned educational system and gained an understanding of their unique approach to building a strong educational foundation.

“As I join the Board of Regents, I am eager to work with fellow members and university leadership to uphold UHart’s legacy in academic excellence, program innovation, and fiduciary responsibility. In this era of rapid technological and market changes, our curriculum must lead in preparing students for an increasingly complex global world. Together, we’ll ensure that students are ready for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow and empowered to be the architects of a brighter future.”

Sen. Halpern’s election to the Board of Regents marks a significant milestone in her career, as she brings her vast experience and fresh insights to her alma mater. Her first board meeting is scheduled for this month.

Senator Sonya Halpern Joins the University of Hartford Board of Regents

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