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In a visionary quest to reverse the staggering loss of land and property faced by African Americans over the centuries, Kelvin Harris, a dedicated financial consultant, and real estate investor, has embarked on a mission that could redefine the trajectory of African American communities nationwide. With a profound vision of how crowdfunding can be a powerful tool for financial empowerment, Kelvin Harris introduces the Forbes Farmhouse crowdfunding offering, inviting everyone to participate in reshaping the future of our communities.

The Forbes Farmhouse project aims to restore a piece of history and empower communities, all while providing a unique opportunity for investors to contribute to a brighter future. Mr. Harris is on a mission to leverage crowdfunding to reverse the land ownership disparities that have plagued African Americans for generations, noting that approximately 90% of the 14 million acres of land owned by Blacks in 1910 has been either seized or lost.

"We believe that financial empowerment is within reach for all African Americans. With projects like the Forbes Farmhouse crowdfunding offering, we're offering a chance for anyone to invest in their financial future, create generational wealth, and support a project that will revitalize our neighborhoods," Mr. Harris passionately states. What is Real Estate Crowdfunding? A Secure Path to Investment Regulation Crowdfunding came about as part of the JOBS Act under President Barack Obama back in April 2012. Real Estate Crowd Funding (aka Equity crowdfunding) is a groundbreaking approach to real estate investing, opening doors to a wider range of investors.

What sets it apart is the rigorous oversight it undergoes from regulatory bodies like the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), ensuring the validity and security of investment opportunities. Equity crowdfunding portals, like, where Forbes Farmhouse offering is listed, are meticulously vetted and regulated by the SEC and FINRA. This oversight ensures compliance with legal and ethical standards, providing investors with confidence in the legitimacy of investment opportunities.

Forbes Farmhouse Opportunity

Forbes Farmhouse is a transformative real estate project dedicated to preserving cultural heritage, empowering communities, and creating wealth for investors. However, it isn't just a real estate project; it's an opportunity to be part of something innovative and unique. This multi-purpose vacation rental and event venue residential property goes beyond traditional real estate investments, offering an exciting and versatile opportunity.

Strategically positioned, Forbes Farmhouse taps into the thriving vacation rental market while also providing local residents with a luxurious venue for meetups, dinner parties, reunions, weddings, as well as corporate networking or training events. This dual-purpose approach not only enhances the property's revenue potential but also enriches the local community by becoming a focal point for various social and corporate gatherings. For investors, Forbes Farmhouse represents a promising path to financial growth and wealth creation, with an expected 12% annual return and an equity share in the project. It's an investment that offers the best of both worlds—contributing to the community while reaping the benefits of a dynamic real estate venture.

Black Financial Consultant Seeks to Empower African Americans to Reclaim Lost
Land and Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate Crowdfunding.