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Washington, D. C. – This is an article about a beautiful, African American young woman who is holding “no bars” when it comes to her mastering skills that challenge her expertise.

These are the skills that Ms. Gilchrist has already mastered; they are chef, bartender, real estate broker, restauranteur, child advocate and television personality.

“With diverse roles spanning real estate, culinary arts and child advocacy, I’ve dedicated my life to mastering multiple crafts,” said Ms. Gilchrist She continued, ”my journey from chef and bartender to heading a successful bohemian organic restaurant showcases my passion for culinary excellence,” shared the lady. She went on to say, “embarking on an educational sabbatical to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, I aim to further refine my skills while empowering my team back home,” she concluded.

When we focus on Ms. Gilchrist’s education and training, she is always working on her training. She will have her plant-based diploma from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, Europe; the anticipated date is September, 2024.  Her real estate broker’s license she has had since 2009. Her additional skills and interests are (1) being a lifelong student committed to culinary and advocacy training and (2) maintaining her proven track record in negotiation and interpersonal relations.

Her professional experience already mastered would equip her to head any of the firms in the fields for which she is trained. As a chef, bartender and owner of a popular restaurant in Washington, D.C., she established and curated a successful dining experience prioritizing organic cuisine. She managed daily operations, staff training and menu innovation.

Having a 20-year career as a real estate broker, she has expertise in commercial and residential segments with an extensive clientele network.

She has spent years of dedicated service in early care, child development and non-profit board roles. As a child advocate and early learning specialist, she would be an asset in any business in this category.

Being a television personality is something she does because of her affiliation with Provost Restaurant. The upcoming docuseries on the restaurant will look into the culinary world with the restaurant “regulars” and her personal journey.

Ms. Gregory is a relative of the late Dr. Ophelia DeVore Mitchell and a dear relation of Mrs. Carol Gertjegerdes and family as well as Ms. Petra Gertjegerdes-Myricks and her family. She recently dined at Charred Oak Restaurant in Columbus, GA with Mr. and Mrs. Helmut (Carol) Gertjegerdes as well as Ms. Petra Gertjegerdes-Myricks and her youngest daughter, Bailey.  They met for the first time and had a wonderful dining experience together.

Nina Gilchrist  holding “no bars when it comes to her mastering skills that challenge her expertise.