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Dr. Hud Releases Intriguing Book and Begins A “Call To Action

By Times Staff Writer

Columbus, GA – Dr. J. Aleem Hud has released an intriguing book entitled: Visions Now and For The Future. In addition to the 22 chapters, the book features a Dedication, a Foreward, Acknowledgements, Introduction and Contents.

The intriguing front cover of Dr. Hud himself will have the reader wondering where is the physical location of the photograph. Credit for the photograph is given to The Columbus Times Newspaper. Thought-provoking words from Dr. J. Aleem Hud are right on the front cover. They read: “Truth is not designed to make us feel good; it was created to help us become better.”

As a native of Columbus, Georgia, Dr. J. Aleem Hud’s book reflects his view of the variety of human cultures because of his travels around the world.

Dr. Hud is one of the distinguished individuals who has been honored by The Columbus Times Newspaper. He always remembers and gives credits to one of his many mentors, the late Dr. Ophelia DeVore Mitchell as well as to the late Mr. Vernon Mitchell (founder of The Columbus News Newspaper – forerunner of The Columbus Times Newspaper).

In addition to his respected writing skills, Dr. Hud is known as a media personality and can be heard on his weekly radio show, Visions Now.

The book is for sale and you can contact Dr. Hud at 706.221.4830.  The publisher of the book is Euphoria Publishers. The proceeds from the book sale benefit his citywide mentoring program.

A Call To Action is a movement begun by Dr. Hud (Project Rebound Founder), in collaboration with the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance and the Columbus GA branch of the NAACP. The theme is a- New Era for Columbus: A Call To Action. It continues, “Community violence must stop; Save our Children,” Five Town Hall meetings take place and they are as follows: Fri., January 26, 2024, Fourth Street Baptist Church; Sat., February 3, 2024, Revelations Baptist Church; Sat., February 10, 2024, Greater Peace Baptist Church, 2822 Eighth Street; Sat., February 17, 2024, Rose Hill Memorial Baptist Church and Sat., March 23, 2024, Macedonian Christian Ministries, 3645 Cusseta Rd.

All Town Hall meetings are from 12 noon-2 p.m. As the printed material about the Town Hall meetings states: Are you ready for a new era in our community where we can feel safe in our homes and streets? Let your voice be heard, bring your ideas for a better Columbus. All participants are asked to sign in at the meetings and can contact Dr. Hud (706.221.4830; Rev. Johnnie Flakes III (706.324.2055; Mr. Jerome Williams (706.324.2055; or Mr. Melvin Tanner (706.577.1583).