COLUMBUS,  GA – Columbus Technical College (CTC) is thrilled to announce the introduction of its first-ever Intramural Sports Program. Kicking off with flag football competitions, the addition of Intramural
Sports to student life is proving to be a big win. The initiative aims to enhance student well-being, foster a sense of community, and promote a healthy lifestyle for the student body. CTC students now have the opportunity to participate in both football and basketball, with a wide range of additional opportunities coming in the near future. These extracurricular activities are designed to
accommodate players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, encouraging inclusivity and friendly competition.
Ken Lockhart, CTC Director of Student Affairs and Recruitment, said, "We are thrilled to introduce the Intramural Sports Program to our campus community. We believe this initiative will help to more fully indoctrinate students to greater aspects of student life and culture."; Lockhart and a group of dedicated
faculty and staff members organized the Intramural Sports Program in tandem with community partners from the recreational sports team at Columbus State University (CSU). The partnership ensures that regular league matches, tournaments, and friendly games will be held throughout the academic year,
allowing students to engage in healthy competition while balancing their academic commitments.
Students interested in participating can register individually or as a team. The program also encourages collaboration between different student clubs and organizations, fostering a sense of unity across campus.
Martha Ann Todd, CTC President said, "We initiated a partnership with CSU in 2022 that allowed students to utilize recreation center facilities. We believe this was a logical next step in the life cycle of
that commitment to student health and well-being.";
By encouraging students to participate in sports, the college aims to use these creative and fun outlets to enhance students' personal and professional growth, self-esteem, and school spirit, while also tackling any issues with isolation, health and wellness, or stress. CTC seeks to use recreation to help create strong community bonds for students that will positively impact both academic and professional pursuits.
For more information about the Intramural Sports Program, including registration details and the schedule of events, please contact Ken Lockhart at [email protected] or Vernon Bryant at [email protected].

CTC Introduces Intramural Sports Program

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