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Carr Calls on NCAA to Protect Women’s Sports

ATLANTA, GA – Attorney General Chris Carr has released the following statement:

“Today I call on the NCAA to do the right thing and repeal the rule that allows biological males to participate in women’s sports. Our office is exploring all legal options available to end this absurdity, and we will continue fighting for women’s rights to fair competition.”

Carr has repeatedly pushed back against the Biden administration to defend Title IX protections for female athletes. A list of those actions is included below.

Comment Letter (May 2023) 
Comment Letter (September 2022) 
Comment Letter (September 2022) 
Response Letter (June 2022) 
Response Letter (April 2022)

Carr has also filed suit to stop the Biden administration from enforcing new and expansive interpretations of antidiscrimination laws that threaten women’s sports. A copy of that lawsuit can be found 

Carr has similarly taken legal action in support of Arizona and West Virginia’s “Save Women’s Sports Act.” Copies of those briefs can be found below.

Brief (September 2023) 
Brief (March 2023)