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Atlanta, GA - November 9, 2023 - Black Girl Digital, the distinctive melanated influencer marketing agency, is excited to announce the successful conclusion of its highly anticipated 2nd Annual Black Girl Digital Awards Show, presented by Walt Disney World. Hosted by renowned beauty and lifestyle influencers Crystal Herry and Tiarra Monet , the event took place at The Stave Room in Atlanta, Georgia, which looked stunning, beautifully decorated by Presume Experiential Productions, expertly organized by The BBM Agency, and streaming production by Catscape Productions, making it a magical experience for everyone present. The awards ceremony was preceded by a vibrant Pre-award show hosted by YouTube at Anasi Lounge and Bar on Saturday, November 4th. 

With the rapidly growing content creation industry valued at $250 billion globally, millions of Americans have opted out of old-fashioned employment to become part of the creator economy. As a result of this shift, the global influencer marketing market value has risen to 21.1 billion U.S. dollars as of 2023, which happens to be more than triple of what was reported in 2019. Unfortunately, research conducted by MSL has revealed a concerning racial pay gap of 29% between white influencers and their melanated counterparts. Despite these disparities, organizations like Black Girl Digital and Black Girl Digital Awards have emerged as influential pillars, advocating for and highlighting the achievements of Black female influencers.

Legacy Award - Jackie Aina

Best Fitness/Health Brand Partnership - Libby Christensen

Best Family Brand Partnership - Trinity Sierra

Best Comedy  Brand Partnership - Kendria Bland

Best Lifestyle Brand Partnership - Melizza Black

Best Beauty, Natural Hair Brand Partnership - Jessica Harvey

Best Beauty, ,Makeup Brand Partnership - Lisa Joy

Best Beauty, Skincare Brand Partnership - Jackie Aina

Best Home /Interior Design Brand Partnership  - Toya Cheri

Best Food Brand Partnership  - Kimberly Nichols

Best Tech Brand Partnership - Tajia Reed

Break Thru Influencer of the Year -Chee Smalls

Best Podcast of the Year, - Know for Sure with B. Simone & Megan Ashley

Best Travel Brand Partnership  -Colby Holiday

Best Fashion Brand Partnership  -Iesha Gilchrist

International Influencer of the Year - Toni Olaoye (Toronto, Canada) 

Best Athlete & NIL Brand Partnership  - Simone Biles

She Hustles Award - Daisha Roberts

The event was graced by the presence of keynote speaker Jackie Aina (@jackieaina), an exceptionally captivating beauty and lifestyle influencer, whose empowering words not only resonated with the audience, but left them empowered to dream bigger and create more. 

The awards ceremony wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of sponsors: Walt Disney World, YouTube, Jackie P Taylor, Lexington Plastic Surgeons, Hype Hair Magazine, Lonely Sinn, Upscale Magazine, Publicis Media, Once and For All Coalition, Shinju Whisky, Korbel Champagne, and Herradura Tequila.

Honorably mentioned attendees included LaToya Forever (@latoyaforever), Jasmine Monroe (@thejasminemonroe), Brandi Rand, Arnetta Whiteside, Tameka Foster Raymond and Lia Dias.

The Black Girl Digital Awards Show was a testament to the agency's commitment to fostering meaningful brand partnerships between respected brands and Black female creators. The event celebrated creators who have broken barriers, formed impactful collaborations, captivated audiences with engaging podcasts, and seamlessly integrated brands into their niche with their influential presence.

Black Girl Digital Awards Black Girl Digital Continues Empowering Black Influencers and Content Creators, Acknowledging their Achievements and Brand Collaborations