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The Columbus Times is pleased to announce our “Baby of The
Week” a weekly feature.

We are highlighting each week, babies who are always adorable. We look to see their smiling
faces, their cute expressions and their lovely little bodies. Babies will be young ones who are
included and who are from the ages of zero to 4 years old. The baby can be a boy or girl.
In addition to the baby’s name, we want to know the parents’ names (optional), the
grandparents names as well as aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, the baby’s favorite food (if
baby is old enough), the baby’s favorite color(s), the baby’s favorite television show and what
the baby likes to do for fun (if the baby is old enough).

In order to put the picture of the baby on our website, please send us a
picture that you have taken as a family or you have paid for (and the website has permission
in writing to print the picture on our website).
Please include a written note as a parent (or adult who has custody of the baby) that the
website is able use the photograph in the Baby of The Week presentation.
We are excited! We hope the parents, families and friends are too! We always say : time flys.
And before we know it, our tiny ones grow fast -- and before we know it, they are on their way
to school.
So all you have to do is call The Columbus Times  at 706-405-6518 or email us at:
[email protected].
Now is the time to get involved; contact us right away!