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The Sweepers Program: A Book by Gerald Riley

Columbus, Georgia – It was a delightful Sunday afternoon at the Columbus Public Library where Mr. Gerald Riley held a book signing for his publication, The Sweepers Program.

The book is a publication that is entertaining for youth as well as adults. It is an easy read with colorful, unique illustrations from the cover to the back of the book.  It’s about Mr. Riley and The Sweepers Program, which he began at his business-Overflo Beauty and Barber Salon.  The story line is actually based on a young man being hired for his first job; and that is with The Sweepers Program.  Find out what happened to the homeless man in the book!

In the Dedication of the book, there are names mentioned of those who encouraged Mr. Riley  to write the book as well as implement the actual program. He mentioned the names of his dear parents, Mr. Philip and Mrs. Perry Riley. Then came the names of his brothers--Philip Riley/Jr., Darryl Riley, Rodney Riley, and Jason Riley. Next is the name of his lovely wife, Mrs. Catosha Riley, who graciously told him to write the book. Following Mrs. Riley’s name, Mr. Henry Wyche’s name was mentioned; he is a Master barber in Pensacola, Florida, in there; his name ends the Dedication.

In the book’s Acknowledgement, there is the mention of Mr. Anthony Kennelnew, Mr. Jerry Speakman and the late Mr. Sherman Peoples. Barbers’ names featured are Ms. Olivia Cooley, Mr. Nick Kenan, Mr. Tony Cross and Mr. Nate Johnson-manager. The friends’ names in the acknowledgement are Mr. Gary Earl, Mr. Nate McGee, Ms. Lakeisha Degourville, Dr. Lakeita Judkins, Mr. Kwame Holts and Ms. Jessica Hall (godson and goddaughter respectively).

The Sweepers Program, written by Mr. Gerald R. Riley, costs $ 12 per copy. When one adult saw the book, he wanted it for his teenage daughter as well as reading it himself. His remark about the book-Great!