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on : Thursday, 15 Dec, 2011
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Publix Opens Grander on Macon Road

Columbus, GA – At the grander re-opening of the Publix Supermarket on Macon Road are Mr. Jim Evan (store manager) and Mayor Teresa Tomlinson (holding scissors)with Publix executives.

Photos by Helmut Gertjegerdes and Edward Lamboy

By Carol Gertjegerdes

Columbus, GA – At 6:30 a.m., men, women and families were lined up on Macon Road for the grander re-opening of the Publix Supermarket. It is the replacement store that first opened on Macon Rd. TV cameras were there, newspaper cameras were flashing, Publix personnel could be seen in the store and parking lot; and hundreds of eager shoppers were ready to see the new store and shop. The super large shopping bag display at the entrance of the parking lot marked the spot where all the shoppers wanted to be. As the doors opened, consumers got shopping carts in an organized fashion. Customers showed good manners by giving the disabled an advantage to participate in the festivities.

Each customer was greeted with a free flower as they entered. Samples of delicious items were all through the store including the breakfast bread, bagels and whipped cream cheese, shrimp sushi, baked ham and French toast (made with the breakfast bread and topped with syrup and toasted pecans). Coupons were passed out with sample packages and there was an air of excitement as people ran into each other before 7:30 a.m. with smiles on their faces. Walking throughout the store was The Publixaurus with Ms. Brenda Reid, Manager/Media and Community Relations and Mr. Richard Stinson. The store manager had his family including Ms. Melanie Evan Mr. Robert Evan, Ms. Ann Nicole Evan, Mr. Leo Wierrer, Ms. Norma Golden, Chris White, Mr. Kevin Sazama, Mr. James Mashburn, Lee Walker and Ingrid Reilly. Familiar customer faces included Ms. Pam Allen, Mrs. Corinne Jackson, Mrs. Crystal Gertjegerdes and her son Ethan, Mr. Ernest Thomas, Master Antoine Myricks with his sisters Tone’ and Bailey, and others. Anyone who was seen by a Publix employee was warmly greeted. Customer service was at its maximum and there was a sense of helping one another. When the customers checked out, they received a free re-usable grocery bag.

Location: 3201 Macon Rd Ste 201; Columbus, GA 31906-1725 (706) 561-2160 Pharmacy: (706) 568-8815

The new store.

Publix Grandopening


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