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on : Friday, 30 Mar, 2012
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Black Folk Rock Honors Unsung Heroes

Black Folk Rock Honorees and Hosts

Columbus, GA – The National Infantry Museum was the location for the first Black Folk Rock banquet. The program opened with a Prelude by Taylor Made Band. The Processional of the Lifetime Achievers and guests entered the event on the Red Carpet. The MC’s opened the event. Ms. Ingram introduced Rev. Prathan L. Powell, Sr., who gave the Invocation.

invited the guests to dine on tossed salad, baked chicken breast, steamed green beans, mashed potatoes, chocolate mousse and a beautifully decorated cake. The performances took place with the Uplift Mentoring Group dancing. Several awards were presented—Mr. Gerald Miley, E.E. Farley Residential Excellence; Mrs. Hazel Thomas, Walter Lunsford Entrepreneurial Award; Mr. Ralph “Soul” Jackson and Mr. Brian Roberts, Ma Rainey Music ward; Taylor Funeral Home, George Ford Dignity Award; Dr. Thomas Malone and Dr. Alonzo Jones, Crawford and Jackson Medical Excellence award; Attorney LaRae Moore-Dixon, Judge Albert Thompson Legal Parity Award; Mrs. Betty Carter/Uptown Reunion and Mr. Willie Brown/Lindsey Creek, Lonnie Jackson Community Award and Mrs. Gloria Thomas, Vera Johnson Ancestral Caregivers Award. Ms. Waknia Leonard sang The Promise. Taylor Made Band did a gospel selection. Wynnton Pit Barbeque accepted the Lila B. Starr Culinary Excellence Award; Mrs. Louise Less was presented the Viola Liuzzo Social Parity Award; Solicitor Ben Richardson received the William Wright Justice Seeker Award; Ms. Donna Sweat accepted the Fessor “Moose” ; Dr. J. A. Hud accepted the Horace King Bridge Builder Award; Mr. Edgar Champagne was the recipient of the Vernon Mitchell Communications Award; and Ms. Carolyn and Mrs. Rosalyn wade-Horace accepted the Marion Crowder Stylist Award. Mrs. Farisha Johnson sang an inspirational song and received a standing ovation. The Thomas H. Brewer Life Time Achievement awardees were Mr. Julius Adams, Ms. Dee Armstrong, Mrs. Carol Gertjegerdes, Ms. Elaine Gillespie, Mr. Isaiah Hughley, Mrs. Mamie Hurt, Mr. Darryl “DJ” Jones, Mr. Mel Long and Mr. Abe Muhammad (brothers), Mr. Arthur Sumbry, Ms. Trenna Trice and Mr. Richard Whipple. Remarks and Thanks were renderd by Ms. Dawn Whipple and Ms. Nifferteria Parham. The Riverside Boys did a rap, and the dancing began as the cake was being served. Ms. Nadine Moore announced there will be a Black Folk Rock magazine in zip codes 31903, 31906, 31907 in the very near future. The MC’s for the gala, reunion, talent and awards ceremony were Ms. Kalona Ingram and Mrs. Carol Gertjegerdes. Joining them on stage from time-to-time was Mrs. Nadine Moore, who had a lot of historical information to share. The elected officials were recognized including U. S. Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Mrs. Vivian Creighton-Bishop, Georgia State Representative Calvin Smyre, Solicitor Ben Richardson and Mr. Street. The sponsors were Mr. Edwin Jackson, professional baseball player; SportsVisions; Camelia Jackson, Mrs. Yvonne Zwingmann and Ms. Enid Walker.


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