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on : Friday, 23 Mar, 2012
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Women’s Organization Remembers Women’s History

By Times Staff Writer Columbus, GA – Women’s organization remembers Women’s History Month. The Columbus-Phenix City club of The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc., observed Women’s History Month on Sat., March 3, 2012 at the Mildred L. Terry Library, Veterans Parkway, in the city. The theme was: “Making Tracks to Great Destinations.” Inside the lovely program, the motto was: “Women’s History is Our History.” The program had a great write-up on Dr. Ophelia DeVore Mitchell, publisher emeritus of The Columbus Times Newspaper and founder, Grace Del Marco Models and Ophelia DeVore School. The program began with Mrs. Ann Porter, MC. She told how she looked up to Dr. Mitchell. Mrs. Florine Dawkins gave the background on Women’s History month. Then Mrs. Josie Johnson, chairperson, shared encouraging remarks and how individuals have to learn to listen. Mrs. Janet Baker, retired executive, sang two inspirational songs. Mrs. Martha Works King did the icebreaker, which was very interesting. Mrs. Josie Johnsons said the grace and lunch was served. There was an array of delicious foods including shrimp/pasta salad, chicken salad, deviled eggs, a vegetable tray, a condiment tray, several selections of crackers, a fruit tray, an assortment of tasty cookies and choice of beverages. The program continued with Ms. Clara Whitten reciting the poem, Still I Rise. Mrs. Brenda Chambers, club president, introduced the guest speaker, Mrs. Carol Gertjegerdes. Mrs. Gertjegerdes was presented with a lovely corsage and an appreciation gift. Mrs. Gertjegerdes thanked the ladies for the invitation and spoke about the importance of women. She introduced her husband of 48 years, Mr. Helmut Gertjegerdes. Women are the ones who bear the children and nurture them to adulthood. She encouraged all present to remember the “ Golden Rule,” which reminds us to “treat others as we want to be treated.” She spoke about her grandmother and mother. In her upbringing, Mrs. Gertjegerdes said she could take a live chicken, dress it and serve a delicious meal. She learned so much from her mother and grandmother. She reminded the guests how Dr. Mitchell, her mother, helped others on the road to great successes; some of the ladies were Mesdames Cicely Tyson, Irene Cara, Diahann Carroll, Faith Evans and Ja’Net DuBois. She mentioned names that most knew from current history, Mrs. Daisy Bates, Mrs. Rosa Parks and Mrs. Margaret Belcher. She concluded by recommending all the women present should thank the women who played a role in their growing up and also write them a thank you note. Accompanying Mrs. Gertjegerdes were two of her eight grandchildren, granddaughters Shelby and Tone’ Myricks. Mrs. Edith Spencer gave Remarks (introducing the guests and club members). Mrs. Josie Johnson presented the door prizes. Mrs. Brenda Chambers thanked everyone and concluded the program. The Women’s History Committee members were: Ms. Josie Johnson, chair; Mrs. Ann T. Porter and Ms. Edith Spencer.


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